Alleged migrant misconduct not reflected in crime reports

Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin Jr. will be a guest on Tucker Carlson Tonight today at 7 p.m. on the Fox News Channel.

by Kimberly Rubio, assistant editor

Amid allegations of trespassing and thefts at the hands of migrants, Uvalde County Sheriff Charles Mendeke and Uvalde Police Department Chief Daniel Rodriguez recently compiled reports their departments have fielded since U.S. Border Patrol agents began releasing migrants in Uvalde last month.

In a story released by The Conservative Review this week, Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin gave a fiery interview that blasts federal elected officials, refers to Uvalde as a no-man’s-land that has become a dumping ground for migrants, takes issue with limited screenings for communicable diseases, and indicates burglaries and vehicle thefts are on the rise.

When reached by phone on Wednesday, McLaughlin said three of the 117 migrants who have come through the Uvalde Station have been quarantined for an illness. He said two of the individuals were diagnosed with mumps and another was quarantined for suspected mumps, though the diagnosis was not confirmed.

According to United States Border Patrol spokesperson Dennis Smith of the Del Rio Sector, there has been only one confirmed case of mumps at the Uvalde Station.

The subject was quarantined and subsequently turned over to Health and Human Services,” Smith said.

McLaughlin said he was in part referring to rumors of Ebola in Laredo, but Smith said Thursday afternoon that there have been no cases of Ebola at any Border Patrol station.

The majority of issues faced by local law enforcement have been in regard to human smuggling cases. There have been five cases and five arrests over the past two weeks.

Aside from assisting with high-speed chases perpetrated by suspected human smugglers and their migrant cargo fleeing from agents, Rodriguez said his department has only received one call regarding migrants.

It was the Sunday before agents started releasing them for transportation to San Antonio,” Rodriguez said. “A resident reported several illegal aliens walking the streets. We checked it out and they ended up being farm workers who were here legally.”

I have heard ranchers say they noticed their vehicle doors were unlocked but they couldn’t tell if anything was stolen. Dogs barking at night. I don’t know if they have been reported to law enforcement,” McLaughlin said.

Beginning Wednesday afternoon, however, the sheriff’s office began fielding reports of suspicious persons on property. One such call was reported off Highway 55, another on County Road 403 and a third on County Road 401.

Most likely, they are illegals, but we can’t confirm unless we find them,” Uvalde County Sheriff Charles Mendeke said. “I suggest anyone living outside the city limits be careful about leaving vehicles unlocked.

We are going to get more of these calls,” Mendeke predicted, noting that the sighted individuals are not the family units being released into Uvalde, which he said are being transported to San Antonio.

All these traffickers of illegal aliens will be profiting because all these agents will be inside stations doing administrative paperwork for family units and not out on the field,” Mendeke said. “So now it’s deputies responding to these calls involving what are most likely illegal aliens.”

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