Lobos ready for Area competition

The Uvalde Lobos have qualified several athletes for competition in the District 27-5A-District 28-5A Area track-and-field meet.

That event will be staged Wednesday at Floresville’s Escheburg Field.

The top four-finishers in the Area meet will advance to participate in the Class 5A Region IV meet set for April 26 and 27 at San Antonio’s Alamo Stadium.

Area qualifiers for the Coach Libby Guzman’s Lobos include:

Ali Rodriguez – four-by-100-meter relay, four-by-400-meter relay, and 400-meter dash.

Esmy Garcia – four-by-100-meter relay, four-by-400-meter relay, and 400-meter dash.

Kayden Carrasco – four-by-400-meter relay and 800-meter dash.

Andrea Perez – four-by-400-meter relay, and four-by-200-meter relay alternate.

Alexa Luna – four-by-100-meter relay, 100-meter dash, and 200-meter dash.

Zaneta Salazar – four-by-200-meter relay.

A’Taisha Carroll – four-by-200-meter relay and 300-meter hurdles.

Abby Kone – four-by-200-meter relay.

Briana Crow – four-by-100-meter relay and four-by-200-meter relay.

Tabytha White – four-by-400-meter relay alternate.

Alexa Luna won first place in the district 100-meter dash with her time of 12.86 seconds.

She finished ahead of Floresville’s Bailey Cook, who had a time of 13.04 seconds.

Sam Houston’s Khadija Derry posted a time of 13.30 seconds for first place in District 27-5A meet.

Esmy Garcia captured district runner-up honors in the 400-meter dash with her time of 1:01.15. She finished second to Harlan’s Jasmine Henry, who posted a time of 58.09 seconds.

Ali Rodriguez won third place with a time of 1:00.63.

Edison’s Avalon Muñoz placed first in District 27-5A with her time of 1:02.49.

Kayden Carrasco claimed second in the district 800-meter dash with her time of 2:25.70, while Harlan’s Ariyel Gordon won district with a time of 2:24.90.

Highlands’ Astrid Gamez won top 27-5A honors with a time of 2:23.76.

Briana Crow Alexa Luna, Alisandra Rodriguez, and Esmy Garcia posted a time of 50.42 seconds to win second place in the district four-by-100-meter relay.

They finished second behind Harlan with a time of 49.54 seconds.

Sam Houston won District 27-5A’s relay with a time of 49.48 seconds.

A’Taisha Carroll, Abby Kone, Briana Crow, and Zaneta Salazar had a time of 1:48.52 to give the Lobos second place in the district four-by-200 meter relay.

Harlan placed first with their time of 1:45.51.

Sam Houston won in District 27-5A with a time of 1:45.80, while Highlands placed second with a time of 1:51.23.

Alexa Luna placed third in the district 200-meter dash with a time of 26.53 seconds.

Harlan’s Jasmine Henry and Nia Moore finished first and second with times of 25.51 seconds and 25.92 seconds.

Sam Houston’s Sauda Shannon and Ariyana Winfrey placed first and second in District 27-5A with times of 25.51 seconds and 26.91 seconds.

A’Taisha Carroll finished third in the district 300-meter hurdles with a time of 49.39 seconds.

Harlan’s Justice Crawford and Medina Valley’s Paitlyn Kinnett finished first and second with times of 46.90 seconds and 47.07 seconds.

In District 27-5A, the top two finishers were Anna Beth Tipton of Alamo Heights and Jefferson’s Jessica Barrientos with times of 49.30 seconds and 49.97 seconds.

UHS took third place in the district four-by-400-meter relay as Alisandra Rodriguez, Kayden Carrasco, Andrea Perez, and Esmy Garcia combined for a time of 4:14.20.

Harlan finished first and Medina Valley finished second. Their times were 4:03.10 and 4:03.70.

Edison and Brackenridge had the top two times in District 27-5A, 4:17.61 and 4:21.52.

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