Little League offers registration fee refund options

James Volz

Sports editor

Tomorrow is the deadline for Uvalde Little League parents to seek a partial refund of player registration funds for the 2020 season.

Recently, the Uvalde Little League board of directors voted to cancel the 2020 season because of the continued health threat caused by the COVID-19 virus.

With the cancellation of the season, the board came up with two options for those who paid player registration dues for the 2020 season.

Option A allows for those players who were registered to play Little League baseball or softball for the 2020 season to automatically be signed up for the 2021 season.

The fee for 2021 will be reduced to $30 in order to cover the cost of uniforms.

Option B allows for a refund for the 2020 season. The total amount refunded will be the amount at the time of registration minus $40 per child.

For example, those who paid the $70 registration fee will be refunded $30.

Those who choose option B must contact Uvalde Little League president J.J, Suarez, at 830-279-9707, by 6 p.m.tomorrow.

Those parents who do not call by the deadline tomorrow will have their child automatically placed in the option A column for 2021.

Because registration fee money has been used for the purchase of team uniforms and other expenses, including field and facility improvement, the entire registration fee cannot be refunded.

The full amount of registration fee money will only refunded to those who have players who will age out of Little League for next season.

“The decision to cancel the Little League season did not come easy. We tried hard to work on option to run an official season with District 21,” Suarez said,

“The good news is that the city of Uvalde is willing to allow summer recreational league play this year,” Suarez said. “In a meeting with the mayor, city manager, assistant city manager, and the parks and recreation dept, it was decided to offer a few months for our kids to play.”

Suarez said that because the recreational league will not be affiliated with Little League, there will be no insurance coverage for kids who practice and play in the league.

The summer league will be voluntary and free.

“We will be abiding by social distancing guidelines. Anyone not adhering to the guidelines will be asked to leave,” Suarez said.

“The city of Uvalde and Uvalde Little League wanted to have something fun for kids since they have been restricted to their homes during the pandemic,” Suarez said. “If we have a spike in COVID-19 cases, the league will be put on hold or canceled.”

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