UHS students explore differences of migrants, immigrants

Stevee Quiroz and Shiloh Guerra

UHS Journalism

Students at Uvalde High School recently explored the difference between a migrant student and an immigrant student as represented in today’s news stories.

Seniors in the video production class then produced a mini-documentary about the role of the migrant student in this community.

Mario Ferron Sr., director of Bilingual, ESL and Migrant Education for the Uvalde school district, explained the difference between the two types of students. “A migrant student is defined by a student whose family mostly works in the agriculture or fishing industry, and, because of their work, they are forced to travel relatively frequently across district lines or state lines. At the same time, an immigrant student is a student who travels across international boundaries, could be documented or undocumented, and not necessarily the family came to the United States to work in agriculture.”

Migrant students have to face more challenges than most students may, according to Ferron, who holds a Ph.D. “Think about going to school. For a migrant student, going to school is very different, because maybe the student is going to start school in one school district. By the middle of the year, he might be studying in a different school district, maybe in a different state, and maybe by the end of the school year, he or she is back in the first school district or in another school district.

“The student has to meet the same accountability as any other student. The student will have to pass STAAR (State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness tests) by the end of the school year, regardless if the student was in Uvalde High School all year long, or started in Uvalde, went to California, went to Michigan, and came back to Uvalde.


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