UCAD troubles continue

Two review deficiencies from 2017 still plaguing district

Melissa Federspill

Staff writer

Continued non-compliance with agricultural exemption requirements has caused the Texas Comptroller to refer the Uvalde County Appraisal District to the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.

UCAD directors discussed the issues Tuesday, during a regular meeting at the agency’s office. In 2017, the state-conducted  Methods and Assistance Program review identified 29 deficiencies out of 80 review standards.

UCAD has two of the 29 recommendations remaining incomplete from this report, according to Chief Appraiser Roberto Valdez. There are 80 appraisal standards, procedure and methodology questions in this report.

Appraisal districts are given until January of the following year to resolve any recommended findings; if all are not resolved, the district is referred to TDLR.

According to the state comptroller’s office, appraisal districts have up to one year to implement the recommendations after referral to Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. TDLR becomes the Methods and Assistance Program review contact for the appraisal district once the Texas Comptroller’s office makes the referral.

The two outstanding items are related to agriculture exemptions.

Specifically, UCAD did not pass muster for the standards that ask if the appraisal district performs inspections of properties with agriculture exemptions and if all applications are documented in each file.

Valdez stated that in the last two years, the district has received at least 500 agricultural exemption applications each year. The state comptroller has found that at least five out of every 20 had not been inspected.

For a complete listing of findings, this report can be found on the State of Texas Comptroller website.

Property Tax Collection

For the 2018 collection year the district has received 11,506 payments for a total of $36,425,447, between Oct. 1, 2018, and Feb. 15, 2019.

Homestead Exemptions

Those contacted to reapply for homestead exemption have until April 1 to submit the application. The appraisal district mailed notices to 872 taxpayers and to date have received 386.

2018 Property Values

The preliminary results of the 2018 property value study show that two school district’s evaluations fell short.

According to Valdez, Knippa ISD and Sabinal ISD both have discrepancies. Both school districts have hired the law firm of Perdue, Brandon, Fielder, Collins and Mott, LLP to appeal the state findings.

Other business

Funding has been reallocated to provide for an ADA compliant wheelchair ramp for the building located at 209 N. High St. Also approved was the monthly stipend of $544 for the use of an armored car by the district.

The delinquent tax attorney’s report was also presented.

No resident presented for the public comment forum. All board members were present for the meeting.

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