Snakes on the plain

Vipers, coral snakes lurking locally

Kimberly Rubio

Assistant editor

Summer temperatures are here and rattlesnakes, known to make appearances during the drier and warmer months, are on the move. While no bites have been reported so far this year, lunch table conversations have detailed multiple sightings and slayings of snakes.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife website lists several ways to avoid rattlesnakes and what to do if an individual is bitten.

Tips for avoiding the venomous creatures include keeping lawns trimmed; removing brush, wood, rocks and debris from around the home; wearing shoes outside and never putting hands where they can’t be seen; and using caution around brushy areas.

If a person is bitten, call 911 immediately. Keep the victim calm, as stress can speed up the spread of venom. If available, use disinfectant to cleanse the bite area, and immediately remove all jewelry or tight-fitting clothes before the onset of swelling.

Never make an incision over bite marks. Don’t apply pressure or use a tourniquet except in extreme cases of envenomation, and then only if properly trained in the technique.


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