Volz: In the words of Aerosmith, walk this way

“You’re doing it wrong.”

That was line from a scene in the classic comedy movie “Mr. Mom.”

New stay-at-home dad Jack Butler was driving his son to school, but when he snarls the traffic by driving the wrong way into the student drop-off area, he is told by the traffic control lady, “Hi Jack, I’m Annette…You’re doing it wrong.”

But after a quick explanation as to the proper drop-off procedure, Jack quickly figures out how to do it right.

I am not sure why the memory from that old movie popped into my head, but I thought of it recently when I was into an exercise workout.

As a regular workout person, I do a lot of walking, and some jogging and running, along streets on the east side of Uvalde.

Recently, I have noticed more Uvaldeans out and about exercising during this time of the coronavirus.

And that is good news.

Exercise is good for the body and the mind.

I applaud all young folks who are out there pounding the sidewalks and the streets to get into better physical shape. The bad news is that some of you are doing it wrong.

What I mean by that is, as a pedestrian, you are not observing the rules of the road, so to speak. Those on foot should proceed on the side of the street so that you are facing oncoming vehicles.

If there is no sidewalk, try to stay as close to the shoulder of the street as possible.

If you are using a radio or a music-playing device during your workout, turn the volume level down so you can hear what is going on around you.

For those exercise people who are working out before sun up in the morning or after sundown in the evening, you need to wear light-colored clothing, preferably white or yellow.

Dark-colored clothing may be more flattering for your waistline, but at night dark-colored clothing makes it hard for you to be seen by motorists.

When crossing a street at a crosswalk, cross only when you have the light. Even then, be aware of the all traffic in your immediate area.

Yield to all motor vehicles. A lot of Uvalde drivers are impatient. Some run though red lights and/or run stop signs.

Many times, I have been in a crosswalk, crossing with the light in my favor, only to nearly be hit by a motorist too impatient to allow me to cross.

It’s better to let them pass than to be hit. As we get into the summer months, it’s going to be sunnier and hotter, so apply sunscreen and stay hydrated.

Stay safe and be healthy. Exercise is a good thing, especially when you are doing it right.

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