Uvalde High School hosts powerlifting meet next Saturday

Uvalde High School will host a powerlifting meet next Saturday.

Action will get underway at 9 a.m.

Coach Frank Gonzales’ Coyotes and the Lobos will face weight lifters from area high schools.

Gavin Vara and Marc Jaquez won first place for the Uvalde Coyotes in their respective weight divisions of the Natalia High School powerlifting meet held Jan. 5.

Vara, vying in the boys’ 181-pound weight class, took top honors with his total lift of 1,300 pounds.

He lifted 530 pounds in the squat, 250 pounds in the bench press, and 520 pounds in the deadlift.

Besides placing first in his weight division, Vara captured the meet award for being the top overall weightlifter in the meet.

Jaquez placed first in the boys’ 114-pound weight classification. He had a total lift of 695 pounds, including 230 pounds in the squat, 145 pounds in the bench, and 320 pounds in the deadlift.

Elijah Cortez-Hernandez placed third in the boys’ 242-pound division. He squatted 515 pounds, benched 225 pounds, and deadlifted 460 pounds for a total lift of 1,200 pounds.

Sammy Lara and Daniel Almedia won fourth place in their divisions.

Lara made a total lift of 1,195 pounds to place fourth in the boys’ 242-pound weight class. He squatted 450 pounds, benched 285 pounds, and deadlifted 460 pounds.

Almedia lifted a total of 915 pounds to claim fourth in the boys’ 165-pound class. He made a lift of 300 pounds in the squat, 185 pounds in the bench, and 430 pounds in the deadlift.

Patricio Medina finished fifth in the boys’ 242-pound weight class. He lifted a total of 1,005 pounds, including 360 pounds in the squat, 220 pounds in the bench, and 425 pounds in the deadlift.

Cesar Mendiola wound up in sixth place in the boys’ 220-pound class. His total lift of 915 pounds included a squat of 405 pounds, a bench of 145 pounds, and a deadlift of 365 pounds.

Others lifting for the Coyotes were: Shane Medrano, 148-pound class, 10th place, 855 pounds total, 325 pounds – squat, 200 pounds – bench, 330-pound – deadlift; and E.J. Chavez, 148-pound class, 15th place, 600 pounds total, 230 pounds – squat, 130 pounds – bench, 240 pounds – deadlift.

Contreras takes second

Avery Contreras had the top placement for the Uvalde Lobos in the Natalia girls’ powerlifting competition.

Contreras won runner-up honors with a total lift of 755 pounds in the 181-pound weight class. She squatted 320 pounds, benched 135 pounds, and deadlifted 300 pounds.

Jocelyn Bustamante took third place in the 181-pound class. She lifted 725 total pounds, including 320 pounds in the squat, 140 pounds in the bench, and 265 pounds in the deadlift.

Klarissa Sonora won fifth place in the 123-pound weight class. She totaled 500 pounds. Sonora squatted 200 pounds, benched 70 ponds, and deadlifted 230 pounds.

Ariana Perez and Janel Garcia won sixth place.

Perez took sixth in the 123-pound class with a total lift of 500 pounds. She had a squat of 225 pounds, a bench of 80 pounds, and a deadlift of 195 pounds.

Garcia finished sixth in the 181-pound class. He total lift of 485 pounds featured a squat of 205 pounds, a bench of 80 pounds, and a deadlift of 200 pounds.

Others lifting for the Lobos were: Regina Prado, 165-pound class, ninth place, 560 pounds total, 240 pounds – squat, 95 pounds – bench, 225 pounds – deadlift; Priscilla Alvarez, 148-pound class, 13th place, 480 pound total, 170 pounds – squat, 105 pounds – bench, 205 pounds – deadlift; and JoAnn Navarro, 148-pound class, 15th place, 335 pounds total, 100 pounds – squat, 55 pounds – bench, 180 pounds deadlift.

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