UHS girls total 57 points to place first in powerlifting meet

It was a first-place finish in the team standings for the Uvalde Lobos, who won top honors in the Uvalde High School powerlifting meet with 57 points on Feb. 2.

Dilley placed second with 43 points, followed by Knippa with 30 points.

Four UHS girls captured first place in their respective weight class divisions.

Avery Contreras won the best lifter award of the meet as she took first place in the girls’ 165-pound classification with her total lift of 825 pounds.

Contreras had a squat lift of 340 pounds, a bench press lift of 145 pounds, and a dead lift of 335 pounds.

Joshlynn Bustamante placed first in the 181-pound weight class. She totaled 790 pounds. That total included 345 pounds in the squat, 140 in the bench, and 305 in the dead lift.

Valeria Rodriguez won first place in the 198-pound class. She squatted 270 pounds, benched 110 pounds, and dead lifted 315 pound for a 695-pound total.

Mia Martinez claimed first in the 105.5-pound class with her 355-pound total. She had a squat of 125 pounds, a bench press of 70 pounds, and a dead lift of 160 pounds.

Joshlyn Cardenas, Klarissa Sonora, Regina Prado, and Janel Garcia each placed second in their weight classes.

Cardenas lifted 410 pounds in the 97.5-pound class, including 160 in the squat, 65 in the bench, and 185 in the dead lift.

Sonora totaled 550 pounds in the 123.5-pound class. She squatted 220 pounds, benched 95 pounds, and dead lifted 235 pounds.

Prado hoisted a total of 685 pounds. Her squat was 325 pounds, her bench was 110 pounds, while her dead lift was 250 pounds.

Janel Garcia squatted 235 pounds benched 90 pounds, and dead lifted 245 pounds for a 570 total in the 181-pound class.

Ariana Reyes placed third in the 97.5-pound class, while Ariana Perez took third in the 123.5-pound class.

Reyes totaled 405 pounds, including 155 in the squat, 75 in the bench, and 175 in the dead lift, while Perez totaled 540 pounds, including 220 in the squat, 100 in the bench, and 220 in the dead lift.

Priscilla Alvarez and Kelsey Garcia placed fourth and fifth, respectively, in the 148.5-pound weight class.

Alvarez squatted 220, benched 110, and dead lifted 215 for a total of 545 pounds.

Garcia had a squat of 205, a bench of 95, and a dead lift of 235 for her total lift of 535 pounds.

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