Mom wouldn’t be happy about mixing sports, politics

Well, here I am again, filling in for James Volz. I didn’t really expect to be here this summer. My plan was to be mowing grass along the Rio Grande.

But that didn’t work out. The dream fell apart when I couldn’t come up with the cash. I thought I would go down there, volunteering my time, equipment, and energy and help with border security.

Naturally there would be some movement involved, some might call it work. As President Ronald Reagan said one time, “If it moves, the government is going to tax it.” I couldn’t afford the tax.

What? Oh, this is a sports column. One shouldn’t mix sports and politics.

OK, let’s talk sports. How about those sports figures kneeling for the national anthem?

Now, my mom wouldn’t be too happy with me for bringing up this topic. She always said, “Everything has its place.” If she were alive today one of the rules would be “no texting at the dinner table!”


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