NIE Sponsorships

Resources for teachers and parents

• Shows what’s happening in the community, providing motivation for reading and discussion

• Makes learning fun

• Flexible and adaptable to all curriculum areas and grade levels

• Bridge the gap between the classroom and the “real” world

• Build good reading habits that will last a lifetime

• Can be cut, marked, clipped, pasted, filed, recycled, made into papier-mâché and other crafts

• News, sports, weather, editorials, lifestyles, farm and ranch, classifieds

• Cost-effective way to educate

• Contain practical vocabulary and the best models of clear, concise writing

• Students become a part of their community

• Learn about local businesses

If you would like more information on how to introduce the newspaper into the classroom or become a sponsor for Newspapers in Education, please contact Olga Charles at or 830-278-3335. Sponsorships start as low as $14.

$14 one newspaper subscription*
$28 two newspaper subscription*
$56 four newspaper subscription*
$140 half a classroom
$280 entire classroom

*Each donation provides 2 newspapers per week for educational use over 9-month school year. ($14 – 2 newspapers, $28 – 4 newspapers, $56 – 8 newspapers)

If you would like to donate a different amount or have questions please contact Olga Charles (830)278-3335 or email Olga.