Where are the jurors?

Dozens ignored summons last week

During the most recent Uvalde County grand jury summons, 80 prospective jurors failed to appear. This left the court with a pool of only 17 potential jurors after excuses were qualified, according to 38th Judicial District Judge Camile DuBose.

Twelve jurors and four alternates are needed to make up a grand jury.

Failing to appear can result in a fine of up to $100 and a stint in the county jail. Although DuBose said she will not be issuing arrest warrants for this round of no-shows, other prospective jurors summoned should consider themselves warned.

“This is part of our criminal justice system,” DuBose said. “…You are performing a civic duty. If I can’t get a sufficient jury panel, that brings our court system to a halt.”

“If someone breaks into your home and there isn’t a grand jury to indict that person, your case will stay open,” added Tony Rivera, a Uvalde County Sheriff’s Office deputy who also serves as court bailiff.


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