UPD adds new working canine

One-year-old German Shepherd Greiff is the newest member of the Uvalde Police Department.

He is paired with Cpl. Felipe Ramon and has taken the place of Max, the department’s previous drug-detection dog that retired last month.

Greiff is trained to recognize the scent of narcotics and drug paraphernalia. He can also conduct open air, house, building and vehicle searches. He and Ramon trained together for two weeks at Worldwide Canine located in Boerne.

“He will give me passive alert for when a narcotic order is present,” Ramon said, noting that no arrests have been made as of yet. Greiff’s first day on the job was Monday.

As the only members of the K9 unit in Uvalde, the duo is on call 24/7 and is also available to assist other agencies in the area if needed.

Ramon has been with the department since November of 2011 and took on the position of K9 officer in May of 2013.

According to Ramon, Greiff and Max are now roommates as Ramon opted to keep his former four-legged partner.

“Max and him get along very well,” he said. “They’re roommates now.”

(The story does not continue beyond this line.)


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