Tennis courts renamed for ‘life coach’ Rambie

Melissa Federspill

Staff Writer

In an outdoor gathering on a brisk Monday evening, hands were cold but hearts were warm as  students, administration, family and community members congregated for the dedication of the Terri Rambie Tennis Complex at Uvalde High School.

One by one individuals took to the podium to honor the legacy and speak to the impact Rambie has had on students, the community, and her family. Rambie has been the head tennis coach at UHS since 2005, and although she has captured many wins throughout her career, her character and dedication were the focal point of the evening.

Leading the ceremony was UHS athletic director R.T. Gonzales, describing Rambie as “everything coaches aspire to be” and more than a sports coach, “she’s a life coach, teaching fundamentals and techniques for students to aspire in life.”

Carrying similar sentiments, Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District Superintendent Hal Harrell followed with statements of respect.

“Coach Rambie has built a culture of winners at UHS, providing students with a foundation and a sense of purpose that is not isolated to the tennis courts.”

He also said Rambie has found her purpose, to serve students.

“This passion for kids drives her to be here, early in the morning and into the evening,” he said. “She finds value in each of her students, as a result she is a magnet for all students.”

Family members also spoke on Rambie’s perseverance, hard work, and love for her craft.

Rambie’s brother, Tad Neutze, told anecdotes of their childhood together, and the physical challenges Rambie has faced throughout her life, being born with hip dysplasia resulting in a childhood leg brace and countless surgeries.

“She has never given up despite her challenges. She is very competitive, and her competitive nature has made me be a better athlete.”

In closing, Neutze stated that he has admiration for all Rambie has done. “I admire you, your dedication, and perseverance,” he said, stating Rambie is the epitome of what a coach should be.

Two former students also spoke on the value of fostering relationships, and the lessons learned from Rambie. “She taught us how to be loyal to others and true to ourselves,” said one. A touching and tearful tribute came from daughter Whitney Rambie Sanchez. “I grew up on the Uvalde High School campus, laying in the grass and climbing trees while mom coached,” she said. She knew how her mom wanted to “leave her mark.”

In reflection, she noted the likeness of her mother to the Uvalde High School anthem, stating an anthem is a powerful tool, one that brings the community together in unison; more than a song it inspires, motivating an athlete to go the extra inch, or make a losing team feel like a winner.

She said there are no other better words to describe her mom than those of the UHS anthem “We will always be loyal and true, all through our school days and when we are through.”

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