Credit card skimmer in Sabinal

Police have store surveillance video

A credit card skimmer was discovered at a fuel pump station at the Shell in Sabinal. Sabinal Police Department is investigating the incident with the assistance of Texas Rangers.

Sabinal Police Department Officer Eddie Cruz said quite a few victims have made reports with the police department after being targeted as a result of the skimmers.

He believes many travelers may have also been affected as the stores on Highway 90 offer easy access to motorists passing through town.

“You couldn’t tell that it was there,” Cruz said. “We were just lucky that someone was vigilant.”

According to the store manager, the skimmer was found last week after a customer reported suspicious activity on their credit card.

The store turned video surveillance over to Sabinal police.

A credit card skimmer is a device made to swipe credit and debit card information when customers slip their cards into the credit card machine. Credit card skimmers are on the rise in larger cities.

Customers can avoid credit card skimmers at gas stations by paying inside. To reduce the likelihood of being affected by a skimmer, choose pumps closest to the building.

“Readers need to know they need to be vigilant, [checking] their bank statements, reporting suspicious activity,” Cruz said. He added that while many banks instantly contact customers regarding unusual activity, consumers should routinely study their own statements to ensure the legitimacy of charges.

Cruz said consumers should first contact their financial institution or credit card company to report any instance of fraud. Once that’s taken care of, the next call should be to the police. To make a report, the complainant should have his debit/credit card statement showing the disputed charges.

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