Life with Lupus: Licea awaiting kidney transplant

Kimberly Rubio

Assistant editor

Samantha Licea was diagnosed with Lupus when she was 9 years old; now, at 22, she is in need of kidney. While she had no control over the illness, her actions in adulthood have caused complications and she is sharing her story to warn others with chronic diseases.

At age 9, Licea weighed only 40 pounds and was extremely fatigued. She suffered from recurring urinary tract infections and a rash on her face. Her mother took her to a local doctor, who recommended she be seen in San Antonio.

“For a while nobody could tell me what was wrong with her. The medicine they were treating her with, Sulfonamide antibiotics, actually made her Lupus flare up,” said Jennifer Licea, Samantha’s mother. “They finally sent us to San Antonio and within 24 hours Dr. Joe Cole, a pediatric and adult rheumatologist, diagnosed her with Lupus.


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