Designers hope to transform local homes

Kimberly Rubio

Assistant editor

From remodeling projects to staging and design layouts – and almost everything in between – Store House Decor owner and interior designer Kathy Senkbeil said she and her group of employees are here to transform your home.

The showroom, located at 801 S. Getty St., opened its doors Nov. 10 with a ribbon cutting event at 5:30 p.m.

Store House Decor is owned by Senkbeil of San Antonio and managed by design consultant Kina Aldridge, who recently moved to Uvalde. Other employees include Andria Ibarra, an interior designer who will lead all large-scale projects, and Tanya Sponsler, a Uvalde native who will serve as a sales associate.

Both Senkbeil and Ibarra are allied members of American Society of Interior Designers, while Sponsler is working to obtain her associates of design and window treatment consultant license. Aldridge came to Uvalde with 10 years of experience with Calico Corners.

The business specializes in remodeling, project management, bedding and upholstery, window treatments, computerized renderings and staging and design layouts.

Store hours are Tuesday-Friday from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. To set up an appointment, call 830-900-5101.

“There is some flexibility there if they want to meet by appointment,” Aldridge said. “I would be more than glad to come down here and meet up with anybody… We do every style of home from contemporary to very traditional to victorian.”

“We want to make your dream come true and we know how to do that,” Senkbeil added.

Senkbeil said she previously owned a showroom in Boerne, which she closed after the recession.

“I decided to go to San Antonio, where Andria and me work independently out of our homes,” Senkbeil said. “We have to be around people building homes.”

While in San Antonio, the pair of interior designers worked closing with Kina, who at the time was employed with Calico Corners.

“When I found out Kina moved to Uvalde with her husband I thought, what a waste for her not to be able to use her talent,” Senkbeil said. “And there wasn’t any place that she could do that, so that is when I came down here to have lunch with her.”

During lunch, Senkbeil asked Aldridge if she would manage a showroom in Uvalde. Once Aldridge agreed, Senkbeil said she reached out to her good friend Sponsler, who also resides in Uvalde.

Once Sponsler said she was on board, Senkbeil assigned Aldridge to find the perfect spot for a shop.

“She found this spot and then I told her to find locals to remodel the building, including an electrician, painter and AC guy.”

“I have always liked the small towns,” Senkbeil said of her decision to open a store in Uvalde. “San Antonio is wonderful and I love my clients, but I love small towns.”

And so far, Senkbeil said business has been great.

“Everybody is talking about it and that just confirms that we did the right thing.”

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